ATL Skills Source: MYP From Principles to Practice p97-114.

How can students think critically?

Analysing and evaluating issues and ideas
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  • Practise observing carefully in order to recognize problems
  • Gather and organize relevant information to formulate an argument
  • Recognize unstated assumptions and bias
  • Interpret data
  • Evaluate evidence and arguments
  • Recognize and evaluate propositions
  • Draw reasonable conclusions and generalizations
  • Test generalizations and conclusions
  • Revise understanding based on new information and evidence
  • Evaluate and manage risk
  • Formulate factual, topical, conceptual and debatable questions
  • Consider ideas from multiple perspectives
  • Develop contrary or opposing arguments
  • Analyse complex concepts and projects into their constituent parts and synthesize them to create new understanding
  • Propose and evaluate a variety of solutions
  • Identify obstacles and challenges
  • Use models and simulations to explore complex systems and issues
  • Identify trends and forecast possibilities
  • Troubleshoot systems and applications

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